She was my trusted third arm

Kelly is a good egg.  I am not.

Ryan Wilson
Founder of Generator

Kelly came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. She has this unique blend of skills and experience that makes her versatile and able to support many different facets of both personal and business activities.  Kelly understands not just how to be an exceptional Personal Assistant, but also how to own and drive tasks and projects to conclusion. She is also very good at managing people and customer relationships.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Founder and Technology Entrepreneur
"Kelly has been my right hand support person for over
12 months, and her intellect, initiative, candour and conscientiousness have been invaluable in enabling me to function effectively as a consultant and advisor. It has also been great to see Kelly confidently develop as an entrepreneur and business owner. I look forward to watching Kelly continue to do well in her endeavours."

Brett O'Riley

Advisor and Consultant

My wife and I are most private people, and what I respect with Kelly is the confidentiality we enjoy.  I know my personal or financial information is not going to be spread around the city and I can confide the details of transactions with her, confident that it is between us.  Her work ethic is exceptional, her energy and vitality contagious and still we can have a laugh and a joke.

Nick Gordon

Company Director 
"Kelly worked for me on both a professional and personal capacity while in London for two years.  I found her to be extremely dependable, hardworking and honest.  I considered her a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved great results and exceeded all expectations."

Simone Arbib


“Time management, leadership, operational management and disclosure are all areas Kelly excelled in.  She without doubt has showcased a high degree of acumen and compassion for her role.  Her pleasant, courteous demeanour, was often the difference between initiatives being completed or not.  Time and time again, her assertive mature attitude to getting the job completed, was of greater importance than as she puts it, ‘clocking watching’.”

Simon Short


 ​​​​“It is not often that you hire talent by Skype, whilst on a business trip from half way around the world.  But, as soon as I met Kelly on the call, I knew she had what it takes.  And, for 15 months working together, she continually proved that my first impressions were correct.  She was my trusted third arm, organised my crazily busy work life, took projects and business challenges head-on, built relationships everywhere, got tough when required, and always got the job done.”​​​

Simon Brown

General Manager